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Algorithmic Discretionary Trading System
An discretionary trading system is a trading system that utilizes advanced and complex mathematical models and formulas to make well informed decisions and transactions in the financial markets. Algorithmic trading involves the use of fast computer programs and complex algorithms to create and determine trading strategies for optimal returns.
Our Mechanical Discretionary Trading Systems
Most successful traders use a mechanical trading system. This is no coincidence. A good mechanical trading system automates the entire process of trading. 

Our system provides answers for each of the decisions a trader must make while trading. The system makes it easier for a trader to trade consistently because there is a set of rules which specifically define exactly what should be done. 

The mechanics of trading are not left up to the judgment of the trader. If you know that your system makes money over the long run it is easier to take the signals and trade according to the system during periods of losses. If you are relying on your own judgment during trading you may find that you are fearful just when you should be bold and courageous when you should be cautious. 

If you have a mechanical trading system that works, and you follow it rigorously your trading will be consistent despite the inner emotional struggles that might come from a long series of losses, or a large profit.

The confidence, consistency and discipline that a thoroughly tested mechanical system affords is the key that most profitable traders use.  The Algo Future System is a complete trading system. Its rules covers every aspect of trading leaving no decisions to the subjective impulses of the trader. It has every component of a complete trading system.
The Components of our Algorithmic Automated Trading System
Algo Futures Trader automated trading system covers each of the decisions required for trading:
Secret #1: Markets
What to buy or sell
Secret #2: Position Sizing
How much to buy or sell
Secret #3: Entries
When to buy or sell
Secret #4: Stops
When to get out of a losing position
Secret #5: Exits
When to get out of a winning positon
Secret #6: Tactics
How to buy or sell with fully or semi automatic systems and trade plan
Let our automated trading system manage your account and free you from the stress of trying to do it yourself. Allow our system help you take the emotion out of trading.
Why use our Automated Trading System
Algo Futures Trader automated trading uses algorithms for making trade orders.  
Our system is filtered with a set of rules in the automated trading system that follows common variables. One major reason to utilize our Algorithmic Automated Trading System is that it removes emotion from the trading experience.  Trading strategies can be trialed before going live (a process called backtesting) and are faster in execution than traditional trading. There are numerous problems associated with removing the human element from trades that need to be avoided. However, flaws in set up can quickly become costly and technical failures can be problematic. 
Our Services
Algo Futures Trader Strategy
Designed and developed for professional traders, commercial hedge funds and now for the first time, available to retail traders. This is the most advanced, diversified trading system that provides the highest quality semi to fully automatic trading for NinjaTrader. 

All Algo Futures Trader strategies are powered by a unique trading technology which is an institutional grade trading foundation built on top of "NinjaTrader Unmanaged Approach". It is a 100% automated trading strategy with algorithmic day trading and swing trading systems to autotrade the Futures, Equities, Forex, Pairs, Statistical Arbitrage and Spreads. Featuring on chart visble trade system rules, backtesting and integrated risk management, money management and adaptive advanced trade management allowing fully automatic and interactive realtime trading. Enableing high or low frequency trading and may trade as a scalp, day trade or swing trade strategy.
Algo Futures Trader Indicators
Our unique indicators have their own proprietary algorithms consisting of a three stage signal system; the trade setup logic, the filters and the signal confirmation. Making them one of the most robust and highly accurate set of tools to any trading professional.

Our indicators are the most powerful, highly accurate and easiest trading systems available you will ever need for the NinjaTrader trading platform. The indicators have propietary filters that include features like setup, entry, exit signals, audio, synthesised voice, audio and visual on chart signals and alerts, trend bias filters, volume delta, momentum, order flow analytics, econonmic calendars, support and resistance giving you a clean clear format used by professional traders, CTAs & hedge funds in day trading, swing trading and position trading systems.
Algo Futures Trader  Education
We train fund managers and well funded active traders how to predict any financial market move with our Highly Accurate proprietary market analysis. Our core mission is to provide traders with the necessary competitive advantage price action forecast analysis and tools to succeed on their trading decisions in conjunction with our propietary suite of indicators and strategies.
Achieve Consistency with our discretionary trading system
One of the biggest challenges in trading is to plan the trade and trade the plan. Even if a trading plan has the potential to be profitable, traders who ignore the rules are altering any expectancy the system would have had by allowing their emotions get in the way of their desicion making. 

There is no such thing as a trading plan that wins 100% of the time – losses are a part of the game. 

The key is to have a systematic approach to follow each day before taking any trade. This is how consistency is created and all is left is in tweaking it and fine-tuning it until you see the winning trades consistency build up. Tha's how you design and build a methodology that works with any type of trading.

Our proprietary automated trade management system help us, by fine-tuning the rules and filters we established before taking any trade.  Then it automatically execute the trade based on what it was programmed to do without any emotions involved.  

This is a game changer as it follows and maintains all the precise process we would follow manually before taking any trade, with lazer focus and uncany discipline. 

The beauty is that all of this happens 100% automated and the integrity of our methodology is preserved even in volatile markets, helping us maintain the trading plan 100% intact. 

Now this is what we call the PERFECT Balanced way of trading! 
Developed in NinjaTrader Professional Mode for unrivaled features, reliability and execution speed 
Algo Futures Trader's is professionally written in institutional grade code with advanced techniques and has been proven on the live market by professional traders, CTAs & hedge funds with positive feedback. Trade with confidence in real time and with real money knowing that great care has gone into avoiding and resolving overfills, entry and exit order errors and other potentially dangerous automated trade scenarios. 

Save time and money by choosing a strategy that is written in NinjaTrader’s unmanaged mode and by a institutional grade developer who has experience trading live with algorithmic institutional trading, prop shop trading, hedge fund trading, asset management portfolio trading, professional day trading and real money proven trading experience.
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Who We Are
Algo Futures Trader is an automated algorithmic trading systems specialists, providing retail and commercial NinjaTrader add-ons, strategies, indicators and automated trading strategy. Our main focus as specialist market analysts is on seeking out trading and investment opportunities in the global financial markets.  

Our core mission is to provide our consulting and active traders with the necessary competitive advantage price action forecast analysis and tools to succeed in their trading decisions. The core fundamentals of our firm are to manage risk at all times providing the most precise and advanced trading analysis that results in a highly accurate rate of success. 

Algo Futures Trader was formed to bring specialized highly accurate market analysis and tools to traders to provide a wealth of experience with algorithmic institutional trading, prop shop trading, hedge fund trading, asset management portfolio trading, professional day trading and real money has proven trading experience. Our innovative quantitative modeling and cutting-edge trading technology allow us to seek out trading and investment opportunities across Forex, Equity, Commodity, Futures, Stocks, ETFs, Options and Foreign Exchange products
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